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OUT OF THE PAST (1947) Blu-ray Disc - This quintessential Film Noir finally comes to high definition in a crisp and clear presentation of the contrasting shadows Jeff Bailey must stumble through in this saga of seduction and salvation. Based upon the novel “Build my Gallows High” by Geoffrey Homes, director Jacques Tourneur, in collaboration with cinematographer Nicholas Musuraca and a superb all-star cast, succeeded in making the defining film of a genre they weren’t even aware they were working in. Robert Mitchum leads as ex-PI Jeff Bailey, desperate to escape the past he still yearns for. When a stranger arrives in town, the shadows of that past and the misdeeds he committed there pull Bailey back to the femme fatale (Jane Greer) that left him broken and betrayed. Kirk Douglas’ genial gangster nearly steals the show from the magnetic Mitchum. Special Features: Commentary by Film Historian James Ursini.

Ugh this film…..